Bullseye Billiards

How to Use the Target Set

The Bullseye Billiards Target Set is an excellent training aid for practicing cue ball positioning. To get the most out of your Target Set, follow these guidelines:

1. Find a Shot to Practice

Select a shot from:

2. Set Up the Shot

Set the object ball, the cue ball, and the appropriate target on the table according to the diagram.

3. Shoot the Shot

Shoot the shot following the instructions.

4. Record the Shot (optional)

Using the Bullseye Billiards app or a pencil and paper, record if you made the shot and where the cue ball landed after you made the shot.

Download scoresheets for the Bullseye Billiards games.

5. Repeat

Repetition is key for improving your game, so go back to Step 3 and keep repeating until you master the shot.

Additional Notes