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Master your cue skills with Bullseye Billiards! Elevate your pool and snooker practice with 200 expertly designed shots. Track your progress and unlock achievements!

Unlock your full potential with Bullseye Billiards! Improve your pool, billiards, and snooker practice with our expertly crafted 200 shots, specifically designed to elevate your cue ball positioning skills. Effortlessly track your practice and gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

You will learn fundamentals, follow, stun, draw, sidespin, rails, universal positioning, scratches, and advanced shots.

Each Shot Contains:

• a detailed diagram with the exact cue ball path
• how to aim
• where to contact the cue ball with your tip
• the amount of stroke speed
• an instructional hint
• a demonstration video with additional instruction
• level of difficulty (easy, moderate, advanced, expert)

Track Your Practice

• record your cue ball positions and track your progress over time
• view a report card to see your overall performance for every shot
• see recommended shots based on your scores

Other Features

• Shot Count multi-player game (played on a pool/billiard table)
• search shots by keyword
• favorite shots
• random shot
• flip and expand shot diagram


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