Bullseye Billiards


Bullseye Billiards was created by PBIA instructor Jeremiah Gage in 2014. The game is similar to the classic "target pool" game typically played with a sheet of paper.


Throughout the history of billiards, there have been many variations of a game using a target on the table for practice. In the 1990's there existed a game called Target Pool that came with a book and targets, but that game was retired and is no longer available.

As Gage started teaching more in 2013, he wanted an instructional aid to help his students learn cue ball positioning and to make practice more fun. With these ideas in mind, Gage set out to re-create the traditional target game as a high-quality instructional tool. He used his knowledge of billiards to create 200 shots that span the spectrum of ways to position the cue ball and designed targets that would not interfere with the shots. Gage wrote the book, combined it with targets, and named the product Bullseye Billiards.

The Author

Jeremiah Gage started playing and studying billiards at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM in 2002. He is a recognized instructor with the PBIA and has been teaching billiards since 2005. Jeremiah also serves on the board for the Billiard Education Foundation and is a senior instructor with the Billiard University.

Razor Pool

Razor Pool, LLC is the publisher and distributor for Bullseye Billiards and was founded in 2013 by Jeremiah Gage.

Contact Info

Razor Pool, LLC
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(505) 349-4FUN (4386)