Bullseye Billiards

Warming Up

The abilities we acquire to play billiards are meant to be performed automatically, for the most part. Bringing these automatic abilities out when they are needed is a skill of its own but can be increased with a good warmup routine. During a match, you might encounter any number of shots and most likely many difficult shots.

During your warmup, try to shoot a variety of shots – cut shots, position shots, long shots, on the rail, banks, kicks, etc. Also, try to relax and not expect much from your abilities during warmup. Mix up running racks with shooting specific shots that are on the edge of your abilities.

If you have an extended period of time to warmup, try to take some breaks to mimic being in an actual match. This will prepare your mind and body for the tempo of playing against and opponent and also help you to not get too sloppy during your warmup.