Bullseye Billiards

The Power Break

The break is a very important, if not most important, shot in all billiard games. Some games like 8-ball and 9-ball may favor a power break over a soft break, to increase your chances of making ball on the break.

The most important factor in a power break is controlling the cue ball. The best way to control the cue ball is with a solid contact on the head ball (square hit) and no vertical motion (jump) on the cue ball.

A square hit without any cue ball spin will also transfer the most energy to the rack from the cue ball. Sidespin should never be used on a power break due to the loss of aim and lack of speed transfer from the cue stick.

You may want to change your fundamentals slightly for a power break:

  1. Use a longer bridge to give your stroke more time to accelerate.
  2. Use a closed bridge to minimize extraneous cue stick movement.

Proper fundamentals are important for a power break, especially keeping a level cue stick, having a smooth transition, and using a light grip with no wrist movements. Moving your body can increase speed, but typically at a cost of reduced accuracy – so be cautious!