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Revolutionize Your Billiards Game with Projection Pro Billiards

Revolutionize Your Billiards Game with Projection Pro Billiards

Are you tired of fumbling with books and struggling to set up practice drills correctly? Look no further, Bullseye Billiards has partnered with Projection Pro Billiards (PPB), which is here to change the way you practice and improve your billiards game. This innovative billiard training projector system offers a variety of features designed to help you make the most of your practice time and develop the skills you need to become a better player.

Project Training Drills

With over 1400 pre-loaded drills across three built-in categories (Pro Lessons, Player Workouts, and Game Trainer), PPB allows you to simply scroll between drills and layouts to maximize your practice time. No more wondering if they're set up correctly or fumbling with books – just choose a drill and start practicing!

Organize Practice Sessions

PPB's unique folder structure lets you load and organize your practice sessions any way you want. Whether you want to focus on specific skills like draw, follow, shooting, position, or safeties, the choice is yours!

Mark and Save New Layouts

The Smart Ball feature allows you to quickly create and save new layouts. Mark the locations of the balls and try to run out. If you miss, you can easily set it up again for another try. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Offering Bullseye Billiards

Designed to complement your projection training session, Bullseye Billiards is a set of 200 shots where the shooter pockets an object ball and hits a target on the table. This is perfect for working on your speed and spin control, helping you refine your skills and become a better player.

Table Grid and Virtual Smart Balls

PPB offers table grid lines that can be toggled on and off anytime, helping you visualize and practice kicks, banks, and angles. The Virtual Smart Ball feature is extremely powerful, allowing you to save locations, visualize contact points, see shot angles and tangent lines, set up custom drills, and save whole table layouts.

Save Virtual Layouts

Creating and saving new layouts in PPB is quick and easy. Whether you're in the middle of a game, practicing, or creating new drills for a workout session, you can simply open the main menu, go to the drill selector, click the "new" button, and name the layout.

Virtual Targets and Mirror Layouts

With PPB, you can drop virtual targets anywhere on the table and practice your position play on the fly while using any drill or pattern. You can even load your own custom target shapes and rotate them! Additionally, the mirror layout feature allows you to practice shooting from both the left and right by mirroring the layout vertically and horizontally.

Projection Pro Billiards is the ultimate training tool for both beginners and seasoned players looking to take their game to the next level. With its vast array of features and customizable options, PPB ensures that you'll never have a dull practice session again. Say goodbye to fumbling with books and struggling with setups – embrace the future of billiards training with Projection Pro Billiards.

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