Bullseye Billiards

A Few Difficult Shots

I love playing billiards because it is very challenging! Every rack presents unique problems that you must wrap your head around and deal with. In this article you're going to learn 3 difficult shots from the Bullseye Billiards Book. With a bit of practice, you can turn any difficult shot into your favorite shot.


a power follow shot

Shot #44 illustrates a power follow shot. You must hit this shot with a lot of speed to get the cue ball to rebound off of the first rail enough to land on the target. If the object ball touches the long rail at a high speed, it is much more likely to rattle in the jaws of the pocket.


a stun shot to go across table

Shot #63 illustrates a stun shot to go across table, using the tangent line off of the object ball. If you use too much speed, you might scratch in the top-right corner, so watch out!


a draw shot that requires a very good stroke

Shot #82 illustrates a draw shot that requires a very good stroke. Make sure your tip contact point is low on the cue ball to generate a lot of spin. Also, keep your wrist loose and your cue level. If you're having difficulties getting draw, then keep cueing lower and lower until you start to miscue. Often, you will not be striking the cue ball where you think.