Bullseye Billiards

Tower of Training

There are 4 major components of learning billiards: fundamentals, shot making, strategy, and competition. Each component builds off of the one below it, and you will get the most out of practice by working on the lower components, especially fundamentals.


If your goal is to win, then you are in competition. Types of competition include tournaments, leagues, or playing a friend.


Strategy is planning how to runout a rack or how to win a game by thinking ahead and considering all of your options.

Shot Making

The core of billiards is making shots, which could be offensive or defensive. A typical offensive shot includes pocketing the object ball and positioning the cue ball. Bullseye Billiards focuses on shot making to build your skills effectively.


To make shots, you must train your body to move in a particular way. How your body moves is fundamental to playing billiards.