Bullseye Billiards

What is a shot?

Every shot starts with selecting an object ball to pocket, but you must also plan where you want the cue ball to land. To position the cue ball, there are 3 "aims" for your stroke: line of aim, tip contact, and stroke speed.

→ Line of Aim

The line of aim is determined by the angle required to pocket the object ball. To setup a shot, place your cue stick exactly on the line of aim.

→ Tip Contact

The contact point between the cue tip and cue ball determines the spin on the cue ball. Top and bottom spin will bend the cue ball path on the bed of the table, and sidespin will change the cue ball path when the cue ball touches a cushion.

→ Stroke Speed

Use the speed of your stroke to gauge the speed of the cue ball. Higher speeds will cause the cue ball to travel farther.

This is a sample shot from the Bullseye Billiards book. Each shot specifies the line of aim, tip contact, and stroke speed required to pocket the object ball and position the cue ball on the target.

Shots are also categorized and provide guidance text for aiding your practice.