Bullseye Billiards

Measuring Progress

Putting in time at the table with structured practice and solid fundamentals will improve your billiard game, but how do you know if you are getting better? One method for measuring your progress is to setup a standard shot, or series of shots, and keep track of how many you made. Bullseye Billiards comes with a game called Shot Count that does just this.

The shots in Bullseye Billiards measure your ability to pocket a ball and your ability to position the cue ball, which is essential for running more balls and winning more games. In the Shot Count game, select a shot you want to measure and shoot it 10 times. Keep score based on where the cue ball landed: 0 for a missed shot or outside of target, 1 for green, 2 for red, and 3 for black.

For the serious student, shoot a few select shots you are having the most difficulty with and practice them every day. After a couple of weeks, you will start to see progress with your score on average.